Using Sesame Data with PowerBi

This tutorial shows how to use Power Query to use the Paged Holdings endpoint.

  1. Open PowerBi desktop

  2. Click on Get data and select Web

  3. Select Basic, paste the URL, click OK You will find more information about the URL Holdings

  4. When the authorization window pops up, select Basic, type in your Username and Password (read more)

  5. It will arrive at a screen similar as below:

  6. Then it is needed to delete all Applied Steps and only keep Source:

  7. Right Click on totalPages and select Add as a new query:

  8. Once the new query is created, click on Advanced Editor at the top:

  9. Then change the code to produce a list of pages:

  10. Click on To Table at the top left:

  1. When pop up window appears, click OK:

  2. Select the original table and click on List:

  3. Then click on To Table and click OK:

  4. Click on Expand Columns icon and click OK:

  5. Click on Advanced Editor and add the following code at the beginning: (page as text) =>

    As well as changing the page to be a parameter:

  6. Rename the function to getPage to be more clear

  7. Change the column type to Text :

  8. Select the other table totalPages (2) then click on Invoke Custom Function:

  9. Select the function we created previously and click OK:

  10. Click Expand Columns and click OK:

  11. Finally, click Close & Apply :

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