Viewing Logs

The Sesame Data Logs feature provides developers with a comprehensive toolset for investigating system activities and events. Through this functionality, users can access detailed records of actions, errors, and system activities, aiding in troubleshooting, performance optimization, and security analysis.

Key components of the Logs feature include:

  1. Event Tracking: Logs capture a wide range of system events, including API requests, errors, response time and the token used.

  2. Timestamps: Each log entry is timestamped, enabling users to precisely track the sequence of events and identify correlations between actions.

  3. Status: If the calls are success or failure and the details of errors.

  4. Search and Filtering: Developers can efficiently search and filter log entries based on various criteria such as time range, status, token name, and specific error messages.

Please note that our logs do not store any personal or financial information. They exclusively retain technical errors and details about the requests made.

How to view logs

Access Sesame > Sesame Data > Logs.

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