API Endpoints

A high-level view of all the Sesame Data API endpoints.

About the data

At Sesame Data, our data infrastructure includes a dedicated endpoint for entities. This endpoint serves as a repository for information sourced from a single custodian (stored in a Portfolio) or from a combination of Portfolios (stored in a legal entity, such as a Trust or Investment Fund).

When data is transmitted from banks, our rigorous analysis and validation processes ensure the integrity of the information before publication. As a result of this scrutiny, we generate an endpoint called 'Entity Dates', which provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant dates associated with an entity, along with each date's current status.

Custodial Endpoints

  • Entity List: returns all the entities which are available in the account

  • Entity Dates: returns the dates which are available from Sesame per entity

  • Transactions: returns the transactions which have occurred for a specific entity.

  • Holdings: contains the holdings (or positions) of your entities.

  • Sub Portfolio Holdings: provides a level more granularity than the entity-level holdings of cash.

Enterprise Endpoints

All Custodial endpoints are also included in the Enterprise package.

  • Entity Risk: returns various risk metrics which are provided for the entity

  • Asset Risk: returns various risk metrics which are provided for the constituent assets

  • Entity Performance: returns performance metrics per date for the entity

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