Sesame Data Developer Portal

To enhance the user onboarding process, we have a comprehensive Developer Portal. Within this portal, users gain access to a multifunctional dashboard that provides charts of API usage.

It is possible to preview the Entity List in the Portal. This enables users to navigate through a comprehensive list of entities, whether the data is sourced from a custodian (in the case of portfolios) or represent legal entities like investment funds (in the case of legal entities). Furthermore, users have the convenience of exporting this entity data to CSV format for further analysis or integration with external systems.

The API Endpoints page contains several child-pages, one per endpoint that your account has access to. In the Get started page you will find helpful links to this Documentation Center.

Our Try it feature allows users to engage with the API in real time, facilitating experimentation and exploration of its capabilities. Through this interactive functionality, users can make test requests (also available as cURLs) and observe API responses, gaining a deeper understanding of how the API functions and its potential applications.

Users also have access to Logs. These are either per endpoint (as found in the API Endpoints page) or across all endpoints (as found in the Logs page). The logs provide valuable insights into system activities, errors, and events, empowering users to troubleshoot issues effectively and monitor system performance proactively. Viewing Logs

The Documents page is a useful page for loading and accessing documents related to any of your account's entities or custodial data, such as bank communications or statements showing bank account details.

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